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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is luxurious, dynamic, fluid, intuitive and deeply therapeutic.  It is a spiritual practice and an ancient healing art.  It is much like a gently form of the martial arts and acts as a meditation for both giver and receiver.  This ancient holistic therapy promotes wellness and vitality by helping your body, mind and sour return to a state of balance, harmony, flexibility and health.

In Thai Massage, there is no oil use. the practitioner uses a floor mat, and the client wears comfortable attire.  At a slow rhythmic pace, the body is compressed, stretched and rocked in order to relieve tension, stress and pain, improve flexibility, circulation and muscle tone and adjust the skeletal structure.  An outstanding quality of Thai Massage is the constant rocking motion involved that becomes hypnotic to both client and practitioner.

In the course of a customized session that typically lasts ½ hour to 2 hours, the practitioner uses his/her hands, forearms, elbows, knees, heels and feet alternately to guide the recipient into various postures while remaining focused on ergonomics, breath and his/her centre.  Thai Bodywork is relaxing and reparative at the same time.



Nina Lindley



£25 per 30 minute session

£40 per 1 hour session

£75 per 2 hour session

Wellspring Complementary Health Centre
22a Holme Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 4JQ

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