Reflexology has been around for thousands of years, with evidence of the treatment being used as far back as 2500 BC.  It is a treatment given to the feet, hands or face whereby reflex points, corresponding to areas within the body, are stimulated through skillful, precise pressure techniques and massage.  Stimulation of the reflex points encourages the body's own energy system to restore, revitalise and remove stagnant energy, encouraging the body to heal itself in a natural way.  Reflexology helps by allowing the body and mind 'time out' to rejuvenate and heal and can be incredibly relaxing.


The first treatment includes a full, confidential health questionnaire to determine your specific treatment plan.  Please be prepared to discuss all medical history and any current medication that you are taking.  This takes an additional 15 minutes included within the treatment.  Following this, you will be made comfortable on a reclining bed and given the option to be wrapped in a fleece/blanket. You will be offered the choice of either listening to relaxing music or just enjoying the silence.  For all treatments you remain fully clothed, with the exception of socks and shoes.


Following Reflexology treatments, clients have reported many different outcomes, including:


  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • increased energy levels
  • alleviate muscular tension and stiffness
  • reduced oedema
  • maintained healthy immune system
  • balanced digestive system
  • balanced hormonal system
  • improved sleep pattern

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